Highest Mountain in the Solar System

Highest Mountain in the Solar System

Highest Mountain in the Solar System – If you hear about the highest mountain in the world, surely everyone will auto answer that Mount Everest is located on the Asian Continent plate.

Indeed, compared to other mountains, these two mountains have a height above average.

But apart from these two mountains, there were still many other mountains that were much higher. Not on Earth, but in various other places in our Solar System. Reporting from kickassfacts.com, here are the 5 highest mountains in the Solar System!

1. Rheasilvea Mons

One hundred meters higher than Olympus Mons, Rheasilvea Mons is on the asteroid Vesta, which is about 22,000 meters high. This mountain was first discovered by the Hubble Telescope in 1997, but its existence was only recognized by astronomers in 2011 when the DAWN spacecraft landed on its surface.

The name Rheasilvea itself is taken from Rhea Silvea, the mother of Romulus, the first king of Rome in ancient Roman mythology.

2. Olympus Mons

Located on the planet Mars, to be precise the Tharsis Mountains region, Olympus Mons is the second highest mountain in our Solar System. Compared to Everest, Olympus Mons has a height of about 21,900 meters or nearly three times that of Mount Everest on Earth. Basically, Olympus Mons and the mountains on Mars are very high indeed.

This is because, Mars does not have tectonic plates like Earth. As a result, even when it erupted, the lava didn’t flow anywhere and only gathered in one place. Well, the lava from this eruption then hardens and makes Olympus Mons even higher.

3. Equatorial Ridge

The name Equatorial Ridge must sound familiar, and so does the name Iapetus. Well, Iapetus is one of the 82 natural satellites owned by Saturn. Uniquely, even though Saturn is a gas planet, Iapetus is a rocky satellite complete with high mountains such as the Equatorial Ridge.

The Equatorial Ridge Mountain was discovered by the Cassini spacecraft in 2007. Surprisingly, this mountain is about 20,000 meters high, which makes it the third highest mountain in the Solar System.

4. Arsia Mons

Located in the same complex as Olympus Mons in the Tharsis Mountains, Arsia Mons is also on the list of the highest mountains in our Solar System. With an altitude of about 20,000 meters, this one mountain is a shield mountain and has a caldera measuring 138 km. Not only is it a vast caldera, astronomers also believe that Arsia Mons is home to glasters on the planet Mars.

5. Boösaule Montes

No less than Saturn, Jupiter’s moon Io also has hundreds of active volcanoes on its surface. Including Boösaule Montes which is the highest mountain on Io, as well as the fifth highest mountain in the Solar System. Unlike the high mountains in the Solar System, Boösaule Montes consists of three main peaks. One of the highest peaks is in the southern part of the mountain with an altitude of about 17,500 meters.