Important Equipment to Bring When Hiking

Important Equipment to Bring When Hiking – Some people really like mountain climbing. Indonesia has many mountains that have charm to attract mountain climbers. In climbing the mountain requires endurance and a strong body condition. There is also what equipment you should pay attention to when climbing. Here are some of them

1. Mountain Bag

The first equipment needed is a mountain bag or carrier bag. You can prepare a strong mountain bag to carry a lot of hiking equipment, such as clothes, food to cooking utensils. There are many stories of climbers who did not choose the right mountain bag and broke up in the middle of the journey. If this happens, it will be very difficult to carry it, my friend. Make sure your mountain bag is strong, okay!

2. Tent

Don’t miss this main equipment, friends! Choose a tent that is strong enough to withstand wind and heavy rain. Usually, the tent is always equipped with a tent cover or flysheet that is useful for preventing rainwater from getting inside. So, you can still sleep well in rainy conditions.

3. Sleeping Bag

After a strenuous journey, of course you need maximum rest, right? Well, you need to bring a sleeping bag or sleeping bag. Of course, choose a sleeping bag that can withstand low temperatures, yes! The temperature on the mountain can be lower than expected, so you need a sleeping bag with excellent resistance.

4. Mattress

Even though you have brought a tent and sleeping bag, you still need a mattress as a base. This mat also functions as a base when you want to cook outside the tent. This mat will withstand cold temperatures from below and keep things on it clean.

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5. Hiking Shoes or Mountain Sandals

In heavy and steep terrain, it is necessary to have good footwear. Otherwise, you may run the risk of slipping or even falling. Many novice climbers put aside this equipment and only bring ordinary shoes for hiking. Of course, this equipment is not recommended because hiking requires special equipment to support this activity.

6. Cooking Equipment and Food Ingredients

You can choose compact cooking utensils and durable food ingredients. This is to reduce the load during a longer hike. Usually, for mountains with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level, the optimal time is 3-5 days. Friends should bring enough food supply for those days. This is very important to maintain an optimal food supply during hiking.

7. Emergency Equipment

Survival kits, waterproof flashlights, waterproof lighters, emergency groceries, multipurpose knives and much more. This equipment needs to be brought in preparation in case something unexpected happens, such as getting lost. Always carry this equipment in a small bag to stay alert in urgent conditions, yes.

These various equipment are really needed so that during hiking there are no obstacles. Avoid carrying too many non-essential equipment to reduce the burden during the trip.

If something unexpected happens, you should be able to stay calm and start looking for a way out. Before hiking, it’s a good idea to read various other articles about survival and climbing tips so that preparation becomes more mature.