Recommended Mountains for Beginner Hikers

Recommended Mountains for Beginner Hikers – Indonesia has a lot of mountains. Not infrequently many people who vacation to climb the mountain. People who enjoy or have a hobby in climbing will certainly choose to vacation in the mountains. Here are recommendations for the right mountains for beginner climbers

1. Mount Nglanggeran – 700 masl

The first mountain recommendation for beginner climbers is Mount Nglanggeran, which is located in Yogyakarta. The mountain which only has a height of 700 meters above sea level has gentle paths and stone paths, making it suitable for beginners who want to learn hiking. You only need time, less than an hour, to reach the peak and enjoy Jogja from a different side.

2. Mount Pancar

Mount Pancar is the right choice for those who want to climb the mountain but don’t have much preparation and free time. Even though it doesn’t have a peak, the cool views of the pine forest can unwind on a weekend.

Mount Pancar is located in Citeureup District, Bogor Regency, West Java, with an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. In addition to the easy track, visitors can also camp in the area around Mount Pancar and there are also other facilities, such as horse riding, cycling, and hot springs. This mountain is suitable for climbing with family and friends.

3. Mount Munara – 1119 masl

For beginner climbers located in the Bogor or Jabodetabek area, you can visit Mount Munara. At the beginning of the climb, the climbers will be presented with sloping roads, views of residents’ houses, bridges, rivers, and waterfalls.

The mountain, which is located in Kampung Sawah, Rumpin District, only has a height of 1,119 meters above sea level, suitable for travelers who like to climb. However, you have to be careful because when you enter the peak area, the terrain of Mount Munara is quite steep.

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4. Mount Andong – 1,726 masl

The mountain, which is located in Magelang Regency, Central Java, is known as one of the friendly mountains for beginners. Only with an altitude of 1762 meters above sea level, you can conquer the peak of Andong, in just 2 hours.

Although not as high as a mountain in general, Mount Andong is still interesting to climb. Because, it has a cool view and an easy path to take. Perfect for those who are climbing mountains for the first time.

5. Mount Kencana – 1,796 masl

The next mountain recommendation for beginner climbers in Bogor is Mount Kencana. The mountain, which was just inaugurated around 2016 and then immediately became the prima donna of climbers for just hiking. In fact, many just want to hunt sunrise, or sunset.

Having a gentle path and friendly to beginner climbers, you will be presented with tea gardens on the right and left along the way. In addition, this mountain also has directions that will direct you to the top, so it only takes 45 minutes to reach the top.

6. Mount Panderman – 2,045 masl

This mountain, which has a height of 2,045 meters above sea level, is located in Batu City, East Java, becoming the next recommendation for travelers who like to climb. The reason is, the hiking trail on this mountain is quite gentle and smooth. In fact, there are almost no obstacles in the way.