The Most Beautiful Mountain Spot in West Sumatra

The Most Beautiful Mountain Spot in West Sumatra

The Most Beautiful Mountain Spot in West Sumatra – The beauty of the mountains is certainly one of the natural scenery that is no less interesting than other natural beauties.

Talking about mountain climbing spots in Indonesia, it doesn’t feel good if the list of mountains in West Sumatra is not on the list. The thing is the mountains in West Sumatra offer challenges that test the character of the climbers and also the hiking trails that captivate the eye.

For that, if you want to try to feel the sensation of climbing the West Sumatra version of the mountain, then it’s not good if you don’t try these five mountains.

1. Mount Singgalang

To reach the peak, there are three routes commonly used by climbers. Can be from Toboh, Balingkara and Kota Baru. With an altitude of 2,887 meters above sea level, Singgalang takes the average climber to travel up to six hours.

One of the most special things about Mount Singgalang is the rock area. Not only that, climbers can see the beautiful Goddess Lake with its own legend.

If you are lucky and are not blocked by fog, climbers can enjoy views of the city of Bukittinggi and the city of Padangpanjang from the top of this Singgalang.

2. Mount Talang

Even though it is not as high as Mount Singgalang, Mount Talang is no less captivating. With an altitude of 2,597 meters above sea level, Mount Talang gives the sensation of the country above the clouds and witnesses the beauty of the lake and the sensation of the beauty of the tea plantation area.

As a result of its eruption in 2007, Mount Talang has a very exotic and instagramable wooden forest style. Also the hiking trails are challenging and full of rocks. If you intend to conquer it, don’t forget to bring a guide.

3. Mount Tandikek

Mount Tandikek or often called Tandikak is a mountain with a stratovolcano type or a cone-type mountain that has an altitude of 2,438 masl. The forest here is quite dense and tropical, which is certainly an interesting sensation for hikers.

The mountain, which is located in Padang Panjang, which touches two lakes, namely Maninjau and Singgalang, has a peak with a large crater that is no longer active. Generally, climbers to reach this point pass from Singgalang Gantiang.

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4. Mount Talamau

Talamau is a mountain that is a favorite for nature lovers, especially those who like hiking activities. Apart from offering the charm of a waterfall, Talamau has a myriad of attractive lakes and also a mosque dome at the top.

For its location, Mount Talamau is in Pinaga village, Pinali sub-district, West Pasaman district. This mountain which also has the nickname Ofir or the golden mountain has a very charming sunset and sunrise. So it was very fun to spend the night there.

5. Mount Sago

Mount Sago is a mountain that is on the rise among tourists and nature lovers alike. Apart from the natural charm and scenery around it, Mount Sago also has a fairly easy climbing route.

This mountain, which has an altitude of 2,271 mdlp, is located in Lareh Sago Halaban, Luhak and Sit Tujuh Lima Nagari Districts, Lima Puluh Kota districts. If climbing on Mount Sago, please be careful, because this mountain is prone to landslides and slippery rocks.