5 Highest Mountains in Kalimantan

5 Highest Mountains in Kalimantan

5 Highest Mountains in Kalimantan – In Indonesia there are many mountains and even mountains that are still active. Even in some provinces there are also many mountains that you can visit and climb. The island of Borneo is often the target of Indonesian climbers. Well, if you are a nature lover or a climber who wants to conquer the mountains in Kalimantan, don’t miss climbing the 5 highest mountains in Kalimantan.

Mount Kalambit

Mount Kalambit is one of the highest mountains in Kalimantan, the first that you must visit. This mountain has a height of 1,775 meters above sea level and is one of the favorite mountains among climbers.

Mount Kalambit has a climbing route that is not too difficult to conquer. The hiking trail is dominated by dense forests and tropical forests which are a bit challenging but offer very beautiful natural views from the top.

Mount Batutikung

The next highest mountain in Kalimantan is Mount Batutikung which has a height of 1,804 meters above sea level. This mountain is quite popular among climbers because it is quite challenging to conquer.

Even so, this mountain climbing route is not too difficult to conquer and friendly enough for novice climbers or nature lovers. In addition, Mount Batutikung also offers a charming panorama from the top of the peak that can certainly amaze you.

Mount Mevery

Mount Mevery occupies the sixth position as the highest mountain in Kalimantan. The mountain, which is nicknamed Mount Matume, has a height of 1,847 meters above sea level.

Mount Mevery is located on the border of East Kutai Regency with Kutai Kartanegara Regency in East Kalimantan Province. In contrast to other mountains that are quite popular among climbers, Mount Mesangka is still not too many people know about it. So do not be surprised if the information about Mount Mesangka is still quite rarely known.

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Mount Kemul

The highest mountain in Kalimantan that is worthy of your next conquest is Mount Kemul. Mount Kemul has a height of 1,847 meters above sea level.

Administratively, Mount Kemul is located in Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan Province. This mountain is well known for being a gathering area for several tribes who still love to fight. Even so, you don’t need to worry if you want to climb there because this mountain is safe enough so that you can climb it comfortably without worrying about being famous for the impact of wars between tribes.

Mount Latuk

Mount Latuk is also included in the list of the highest mountains in Kalimantan. Mount Latuk has a height that reaches 1,850 meters above sea level and is still quite foreign among climbers.

Mount Latuk is located in Long Bena, Pujungan, Malinau Regency, North Kalimantan Province. Information about climbing to Mount Latuk is indeed very minimal, no wonder this mountain is not explored too much by climbers and is not well known.